Commercial vehicles (CV) such as buses, trucks, and tractors need heavy-duty batteries. One of the fastest growing battery brands in India, Dynex offers CV Batteries that are designed specifically for Indian roads - to withstand irregular terrain and constant vibrations. Power-packed and robust, Dynex batteries guarantee superior performance, better reliability and greater satisfaction even under the most challenging conditions.

Why choose Dynex CV Batteries?

Dynex is a trusted name in the industry due to its world-class features, superior performance, enhanced safety and proven reliability.

Commercial Vehicles most often are required to pull through long journeys, travel through harsh terrains and withstand extreme heat and cold weather along with other adversities like dust and monsoons. Specially designed Dynex CV batteries are technologically advanced to ensure a commercial vehicle can withstand harshest of terrains and extreme weather conditions. Dynex batteries are quick to charge and are leak-resistant.

What's more? Dynex CV batteries are available at a competitive market price and are highly affordable. Low-price and low-maintenance make Dynex batteries truly value for money. These batteries also come with a 42-month warranty*, offering complete peace of mind.

Low price and high performance – this combination makes Dynex Commercial Battery an ideal choice when picking the right battery for a commercial vehicle.

  • Customised for
    Indian Conditions

  • Advanced Technology

  • Protection from Vibrations

Technical Specifications

Battery Type Part Number Voltage(V) C20 Capacity (Ah) 20Hr (Ref) Warranty Maximum Overall Dimensions (mm) Nominal Filled Weight (Kg) Electrolyte Volume (Litres) Charging Current (A) Battery Layout
Application in Tractors,
DYNEX80R FDY5-DYNEX80R 12 80 42 (24F +18P*) 305 173 225 23.4±3% 5 6.5 Right
DYNEX88L FDY5-DYNEX88L 12 88 42 (24F +18P*) 410 176 233 26.2±3% 7 7 Left
DYNEX100L FDY5-DYNEX100L 12 100 42 (24F +18P*) 410 176 233 28.1±3% 6.8 8 Left
DYNEX130R FDY5-DYNEX130R 12 130 42 (24F +18P*) 505 182 257 34.4±3% 8.7 9 Right
DYNEX150R FDY5-DYNEX150R 12 150 42 (24F +18P*) 508 222 257 41.4±3% 10.6 10.5 Right
DYNEX180R FDY5-DYNEX180R 12 180 42 (24F +18P*) 521 278 270 54±3% 16 13 Right
*Terms and conditions apply