Power packed for high performance, technologically advanced and highly affordability - Dynex batteries are the ideal companion for three-wheelers like tempos, and auto-rickshaws that serve as a pocket-friendly mode of transport in most Indian cities.

Dynex three-wheeler batteries are the perfect fit for any Indian road and climate since they come with a host of high-end built-in features including quick recharging capacity and vibration-resistant design.

Why choose Dynex Three Wheeler Batteries?

Generic three-wheeler batteries may not have a quality charging system. As a result, vibration can damage the life of the battery, causing cracks in the cell connectors and separators. The longevity of a robust battery depends on a good charging system. Dynex three-wheeler batteries ensure perfect vibration-resistant qualities. The bottom Lock Shock Absorber Technology and the Double-Clad Separation make Dynex three-wheeler batteries vibration-resistant.

Dynex batteries are suitable for deep discharge and ensure less maintenance cost due to their effective alloy system. The battery delivers optimal performance throughout its life.

Dynex three-wheeler batteries come with an 24-month warranty* and ensure longevity, greater durability, and higher performance.

  • Vibration Resistant

  • Less Maintenance Cost

  • Quick Charging

Technical Specifications

Battery Type Part Number Voltage(V) C20 Capacity (Ah) 20Hr (Ref) Warranty Maximum Overall Dimensions (mm) Nominal Filled Weight (Kg) Battery Layout
Application in Three Wheelers
DYNEX32R FDY5-DYNEX32R 12 32 24 197 129 227 9.5±3% Right
DYNEX600L FDY5-DYNEX600L 12 50 24 260 173 225 17.2±3% Left
DYNEX60L FDY5-DYNEX60L 12 60 24 260 173 223 17.5±3% Left
*Terms and conditions apply