Dynex offers power-packed, high performance batteries for the two-wheeler segment. Dynex batteries for bikes are manufactured using advanced technology, thus promising reliability in terms of performance and features.

While high performance is a big plus, price of a Dynex bike battery is highly affordable. In a country like India, where cars are a luxury for majority of the population, two-wheelers are a popular choice and the low price of Dynex battery for bike is a great advantage. Technologically advanced, long-lasting, and dependable Dynex batteries for two-wheelers ensure a smooth ride across all terrains without having to worry about high maintenance costs. Dynex battery for bike is truly value-for-money.

Dynex two-wheeler batteries offer excellent cranking power. Additional features such as the spill-proof design, water loss mechanism and a high shelf life make Dynex batteries an ideal choice for bikes and two-wheelers.

  • Excellent Cranking Power & Reliability

  • Maintenance-Free

  • Spill-Proof Design

  • Shelf Life

  • Water Loss

Technical Specifications

Battery Type Part Number Voltage(V) C10 Capacity (AH) 10 hrs REF Overall Dimensions Battery Layout
V AH Length Width Height
Technical Specification of Dynex
Two Wheeler VRLA batteries
12DY2.5L-C FDY5-12DY2.5L-C 12 2.5 81 70 105 L
DY-TZ4 FDY5-DY-TZ4 12 3 113 70 85 L
DY-TZ5 FDY5-DY-TZ5 12 4 113 70 130 L
DY-TZ5L-B FDY5-DY-TZ5L-B 12 5 121 60 130 L
DY-TZ7 FDY5-DY-TZ7 12 6 113 70 130 L
DY-T7B-B FDY5-DY-T7B-B 12 7 150 60 130 R
DY-TZ9 FDY5-DY-TZ9 12 9 150 87 105 R
DY-TZ9-B FDY5-DY-TZ9-B 12 9 135 75 139 R
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