Dynex Inverter Batteries keep summer heat and dark nights at bay when input voltage is low or there is mains failure. Ruggedly built with tubular plates, Dynex Inverter Battery fights frequent and long power cuts, day after day for years.

Why choose Dynex Tubular Inverter Battery?

  • Economical range
  • Enhanced Warranty
  • Rugged tubular plates
  • Suitable for long and frequent power outages
  • Higher acid volume/Ampere – Hour

Dynex inverter battery price is highly competitive and affordable. It is this economical price point that makes Dynex Inverter Battery an ideal choice for users. The enhanced 54 month warranty* is another plus in addition to the economical Dynex inverter battery price.

Coming to technology and features, Dynex tubular inverter batteries feature high pressure cast plates and higher acid volume per ampere-hour. Tubular plate technology differs from conventional flat plate technology by sealing the active material in polyester gauntlets, or tubes to prevent it from 'shedding'.

To withstand anodic corrosion, the spines of the positive plate in a Dynex Inverter Battery are cast from a precise combination of low-antimony lead alloy, with selenium, copper, tin, and arsenic, to ensure long years of service.

Tubular batteries can operate in extreme temperatures, including wide temperature variations, frequent and long power cuts, or poor operating environment. Its proven performance across the world makes tubular technology the first choice for Home UPS and Inverter applications.

  • Rugged tubular plates

  • Suitable for long and
    frequent power outages

  • Higher acid volume/
    Ampere – Hour

Technical Specifications

Part Number Container Type Ah Capacity @C20 Warranty Maximum Overall Dimensions (mm) Nominal Filled Weight (Kg)
FDT0-DTT2336 Tall 220 36+18 515 190 468 63.9
FDT0-DTT2036 Tall 200 36+18 515 190 468 63.9
FDT0-DTT1536 Tall 150 36+18 515 190 468 57.0
FDT0-DTT1524 Tall 150 24+18 515 190 468 57.0
FDT0-DST1524 Short 135 24+18 540 197 380 50.5
*Terms and conditions apply
*36 months free replacement and 18 month pro rata warranty